Just the Facts, Ma'am

The world of The Eye is one filled with monsters and supernatural events. But at the heart of it all..is a police procedural. A detective story. A murder mystery.

Part of the experiment of this story is to attempt to cross genres. Sure, it's been done before. Bright and Zootopia are prime examples. But the attempt to include more horror elements and specifically our targeted approach to Asian culture, feels new and unique to us. But maybe we're biased:)

Yet the pursuit of justice, of the truth....that's an element that can be found in all sorts of stories. Batman may seem fantastical and a part of the "super hero" genre, but truthfully the overarching description of the comic series is "Detective Comics."

The notion of the Detective story is a relatively new invention. One coined by Edgar Allan Poe himself. But the idea of a man pitted against all the injustices of the world is not a new one. And it will not be a fad to go gentle in the good night.

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