The World Keeps Getting Bigger

The series keeps going, installment after installment, and with each one we get a better glimpse at the size and scale of Monster New York and Victor Caine's world.

And the ability to do that is one of the biggest appeals of the show.

From a creator's perspective, the ability to delve into the endless pit of our global nightmares is alluring. Every culture has boogeymen, monsters, and creatures that frighten us. Mores, phobias, and superstitions are rooted within every civilization and society. The plethora of material there...has endless possibilities.

The vastness of scope this can provide is mirrored in the potential provided by New York City as the basis of our backdrop. In the human world, New York City is the great melting pot. It is the cultural capital of the world, where every society, background, and ethnicity can be found. As a great hub of global interaction for humans, the notion that it could be a great hub for global interaction of nightmares just seems to follow.

Victor Caine could just as easily go up against werewolves, dupys, witches, or Freddy Krueger. Who knows what the future might hold?

We hope you'll be a part of it.

Thank you for listening.

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