Fear the Jiangshi!

The third episode has been released! And it features one of the most classic creatures in all of Chinese mythology.


A cross between zombies and vampires...these originally stiff jointed creatures are ferocious and deadly. But there are according to legends a multitude of ways to overcome them. Peachwood is a material they detest. Ginger is their version of the Vampire's garlic. And commanding notes, as indicated in the picture, are said to bind them by spells.

And while they do date back centuries...sightings and stories about the Jiangshi still occur in our modern world.

While doing research for the series, we came across an interesting little tale that we'll paraphrase here;

A guy gets off from a long day of work. It's late at night and he's riding the bus home. The bus is relatively empty; only the man, a middle aged woman, and the bus driver himself. All is quiet and normal. The bus driver rides past a few bus stops, not seeing anyone waiting for a ride. But the driver finally comes across a stop where a few gentlemen are indeed waiting. He stops the bus, and on come two pale gentlemen dressed in traditional Chiense garb. The man coming home from work notices, but thinks they must have been coming from a traditional wedding or a costume party or something. The two new passengers journey to the back of the bus where they sit and the man thinks nothing else of it.

A few moments later...the middle aged woman starts yelling at the man. Screaming and accusing him of trying to steal her purse. The man is confused and begins protesting. The woman becomes more adamant, which in turn causes the man to raise his voice. The bus driver threatens to drive straight to a police department, but the woman's screaming drives the driver beyond the brink of frustration. He stops the bus and kicks the middle aged woman and the man coming home from work off of the public transportation.

"What are you talking about, lady?! Are you crazy?!" The man screams as he ponders how he'll get home.

"I just saved your life," the woman responds.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Those passengers. Did you notice anything strange about them?"

"Those old pale guys...yeah, sure. They were dressed weird. So what?"

"Young man...they didn't have legs."

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