Episode Twelve

The Eye in BTILCT Episode Twelve - Bean Dip Productions and The Neighborhood Studio
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this episode features 
the talent of
(in order of appearance) 
Shawn Wen 
(The voice of warning,  Mandarin director , Sun Wukong) 

The engine that keeps this whole thing afloat is an easy way to describe Shawn. But He's much more, and in this episode...He shows the madness that is Sun Wukong...the mad monkey king. 

Bob Carter
(Victor Caine,  Co-Director)

Victor Caine is the most famous police officer in all of monsterdom. A cyclops, A hell of a detective, and the protagonist of our story, Bob Carter is the voice of The Eye. 

Keith Brooks
(Announcer, Co-Director, Co-Writer)

Due to the terms of our settlement, we have to say that keith was somehow involved. 

Paul McClain
(Saxon Gray)

Saxon Gray is the hottest new author on the literary scene. His new Sensation of a book; The War of the Triads: The Return of Zhong Kui is a bestseller, but it also might have something to do with a murder.  

April Billingsley

Amy is a sexy Zombie who's looking for a good time. But in her effort to find one, did she find Something criminal as well? 

Kimberly Maxwell

A seductive demon who proves you can't be hiding much if you're not wearing any clothes. A distraction for person of interest Saxon Gray. Let's hope she's not a distraction for Victor Caine. 

Nicole Kovacs

A young tentacle armed waitress who has recently moved to the city. She's working hard at Pigsy's Diner, and trying to live her best life...which leads her to crossing Victor's path once more. 

Lindsay Van Pelt 

Xiangsheng is a mysterious character. Eyeless, Noseless, this interesting woman with only a mouth would be appealing enough...but she has a "nasty habit." Every time she speaks she tells part truth...and part lie. How will Victor tell the difference? Lindsay Van Pelt is breathtaking as this riddle of a character. 

Kurt Yue
(Fan, Yeren) 

Kurt Yue brings to life one  half of the hardest working police team in Chinatown. Fan is an excellent cop. Quick witted, in the know, and stalwart. The Yeren might not be as quick witted...but is quick to violence nonetheless. 

John Tyme Tong 
(Xie, Changbi)

John brings to life two characters that couldn't be more disparate. One, being Xie; the other half of the dynamic detective duo that dutifully watches over Chinatown. A symbol of law and justice. Which is very different portrayal than that of Changbi. Changbi is a long armed, long haired, pale Cantonese monster that is within the inner circle of the Triads. 

Vince Canlas

The proprietor of the self proclaimed "Best Teahouse in all of Monsterdom," Diao is a spirit who knows a little bit about everything. his teahouse is a social center of Chinatown and this crooked necked ghost (presumably from some form of hanging) tries to have his ear in every conversation. Vince Canlas lends his imagination to the character. 

Trisha Nguyen Owen 
(Baigujing, Ba)

The Skelton bride of the monkey king is brought to life by the amazing Trisha Owen. Seductive, unstable, and alluring...this skinless beauty is a dangerous one. In addition to the vile villainess, Trisha also brings to life Ba, the stoic sister of Xiangsheng that undoubtedly has keys to solving this case.  

Eric Mark
(Pao Tcheou)

An albino lunatic raving to himself on a Monster New York City subway train seems rather run of the mill. BUt when the crazy man begins making sense...Victor starts listening. 

Mel Pralgo

An angry rat on  a New York  train.

This one just happens to be able to talk.

And won't stop doing it. 

Trevor Garner
(Grover P. Turnbuckle, Co-Writer, Co-Director)

Trevor plays an asshole in the series. I mean, not literally....but we'll see where future episodes take us. He plays Gaowan, one of the Mogwai. And all of the Mogwai are jerks. Like...just absolute jerks. 

Linda Vorachack

Doris is a young waitress at Xiangtian's Diner. And with her youth comes a rambunctious quality. It is matched only by how remarkable she is. With her bird eyes and youthful disposition, Doris can remember everything she will ever see. Linda brings the character to life in an amazing and exciting way. 

Jack Ha

It is a testament to Jack's talent that he can play such varying characters. Xiangtian is a jovial diner owner and cook, who happens to have his head in the middle of his stomach. But then again, what man doesn't? 

David Haddad

Shen is a criminal clam monster in a loose fitting suit who is a member of the triads. David is not. there...in case you needed to know the difference or something. 

John Crow 
(Susanoo, Yeti)

A powerful, intimidating, and criminal figure, Susanoo is a Japanese God...no hyperbole. As the leader or "kumicho" of the Yakuza...he is a prime suspect of Victor's investigation. But can Victor stand up to someone as powerful as Susanoo? Much less the Brute force of the dangerous Yeti?

Albert Yoo

The Lieutenant of the Yakuza, Akateko is an extension of the samurai sword he carries. He is sharp, vicious, ferocious, and quick to action. With a red right hand (which happens to be scaly), he might prove to be a hurdle Victor finds difficulty in getting past. Albert Yoo paints the character with lethal strokes and intriguing shades. 

Anna Enger Ritch
(Doragon Babae)


Amanda Van Hiel
(Jiang Ziwen)

The head of the Cult of Si, Jiang Ziwen is a dilapidated man, barely alive if even. He is confined to a chair, speaks solely in clicks and guttural noises, and is reportedly one who has survived death and been granted the path to paradise, only to reject it in favor of showing others the way. but is this mysterious man really that altruistic? 

Cathy Vu
(Hoa Sen Hana)

A woman with painted skin, who serves at the whim of the decrepit leader of the Cult of Si. She is not only his confidant, but also his voice. But does she truly speak for him? Who is the true master? 

Dexter Hackley

A large red educated bull who is in desperate need of help form the police department. When he happens upon London and Vic in a diner, it seems like divine happenstance. But not only will the encounter throw a wrench in Vic's investigation but also break Aatxe's heart. 

Kimberly Hamilton

Death is an ethereal figure. Compelling, welcoming, dangerous, and alluring. She calls to Victor from beyond the great void, but why does she want the one eyed detective?  

Ray Lloyd
(First Vision)

The touch of Jiang Ziwen propels Victor through his own life and his own memories. In this journey, painful apparitions appear. What do they Mean? 

John Prew
(Second Vision)

The story of Victor Caine comes through in unclear waves. Each piece either clarifying or adding to the mystery. What is the truth? Will we ever know? 

(Third Vision) 
Dee Riete

Jiang Ziwen has some connection to death. Through a simple touch he has displayed that power with terrifying implications. But what is Victor Caine's connection to the ethereal force? 

Carey Means
(Mitchell Moinian)

50% Human, 50% Automotive Parts, 100% the best mechanic in all of MNYC. A friend of Vic's who attempts to repair the damage that's been done to his car...but he's a perceptive man. He recognizes that the damage goes far beyond a vehicle. 

Cory Di Mino
(End Credits) 

We are thrilled to have the sweet dulcet tones of Cory Di Mino close out the show with each and every installment. We know that if there's any talent that'll have you coming back, it'll be his.  

Written and Created by
R.K. Brooks and Trevor Garner
Directed by
Keith Brooks, Trevor Garner, Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Produced by
Lex Lewis, TJ Garland, Cathy Vu
Executive Producers
Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Recorded at The Neighborhood Studio in
Atlanta, Georgia
Special Thanks to
Neve Campbell
As is Tradition

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