Episode Seven

The Eye in BTILCT Episode Seven - Bean Dip Productions/The Neighborhood Studio
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this episode features 
the talent of
(in order of appearance) 
Shawn Wen 
(The voice of warning,  Hundun, Mandarin director ) 

Hundun is a mysterious masked figure. How he fits into this whole ordeal is an enigma that only Victor Caine can unravel. Shawn Wen brings this character to life. 

Bob Carter
(Victor Caine,  Co-Director)

Victor Caine is the most famous police officer in all of monsterdom. A cyclops, A hell of a detective, and the protagonist of our story, Bob Carter is the voice of The Eye. 

Keith Brooks
(Announcer,  Co-Director, Co-Writer)

Keith's involved with the show in some capacity. What that Capacity is? No one really knows. We think he just shows up for the groupies. And snacks. Joke's on him. Are budget can't afford snacks and we as of yet have no groupies. Nice Try, Keith! 

Kurt Yue
(Fan, Cao-Guojiu) 

Kurt Yue brings to life one  half of the hardest working police team in Chinatown. Fan is an excellent cop. Quick witted, in the know, and stalwart....it's easy to see why the extremely talented Yue was cast in the role. In this episode, Yue also gives life to Cao-Guojiu; the Chinese God of Theatre and Artistic Director of the Si-Fan Opera house.   

John Tyme Tong 

John brings to life multiple characters in the series. One, being Xie; the other half of the dynamic detective duo that dutifully watches over Chinatown. A symbol of law and justice. Can Xie and Fan help Victor Caine solve the case? 

Jennifer Finley
(Daji Kitsune)

The Medical Examiner for Chinatown is a sharp witted, intuitive, and complicated scientist. A foxy woman in more ways than one. She is brought to vivid life by Jennifer Finley. Keith here: Real Talk- it's always been one of my dreams to get to work with Jennifer. I've always been blown away by how incredible of a performer she is. She embodies this character beyond my wildest dreams.  

Lily Patel

A girl made entirely out of porcelain, Zhi works at the docks in a position that might lead Victor to find out more about his Jane Doe. Lily Patel graces us with her talents in order to bring Zhi into reality. 

Erica Gray
(Karamaneh, Operator)

Karamaneh is the deadly and vicious assistant to Dr. Fu Manchu. Clad in business attire and an attitude, the depths she is willing to go to in order to serve her employer are rather enigmatic to say the least. We are Fortunate enough to have the enigmatic artist Erica Gray bring the character to life. 

Zachary Vaudo
(Officer Druitt)

An experienced officer, and partner to Wolf, Druitt is a pale serpentine/reptillian demon but more importantly a New Yorker Through and Through. A bit of a smartass, a bit of a hardass, there's only one artist that could bring this character to life...the great Zachary Vaudo. 

David Haddad
(Dr. Fu Manchu)

Is the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu just a businessman? Or is his power rooted in something much more corrupt? This classical figure of Yellow Peril literature is redefined by the talent of David Haddad. 

Thomas Trinh
(Tao Tie)

A mysterious figure, masked and dangerous. 

What has brought these mysterious fiends to Chinatown? 

Albert Yoo
(Tao Wu)

Another member of the masked collective that is looming dangerously in Chinatown. What are they after? 

Marilyn Chung
(Qiong Qi)

These masked figures seem to lurk around every corner. Are they here to help Victor, or hinder him? 

Cory Di Mino
(End Credits) 

We are thrilled to have the sweet dulcet tones of Cory Di Mino close out the show with each and every installment. We know that if there's any talent that'll have you coming back, it'll be his.  

Written and Created by
R.K. Brooks and Trevor Garner
Directed by
Keith Brooks, Trevor Garner, Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Special Guest Direction by
Lex Lewis
Produced by
Lex Lewis, TJ Garland
Executive Producers
Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Recorded at The Neighborhood Studio in
Atlanta, Georgia
Special Thanks to
Neve Campbell
As is Tradition