Episode one 

The Eye in BTILCT Episode One - Bean Dip Productions/The Neighborhood Studio
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this episode features 
the talent of
(in order of appearance) 
Shawn Wen 
(The voice of warning, Difu ling, Mandarin director ) 

Difu ling is a large ghost. He has three arms, a relatively good memory, and a habit for holding on to things. Described as a Mountain of Muscles...this character is brought to life by actor Shawn Wen. 

Bob Carter
(Victor Caine, Co-Director)

Victor Caine is the most famous police officer in all of monsterdom. A cyclops, A hell of a detective, and the protagonist of our story, Bob Carter is the voice of The Eye. 

Keith Brooks
(Announcer, Co-Director, Co-Writer)

The Announcer for everyone's favorite station, WKNUT, is a staple of the show. You'll get used to him selling you wonderful items and teasing you about next week's Episode. His vocal stylings are provided by Mr. Keith Brooks. 

Joshua Terrell
(Officer Wolf)

Officer Wolf is a rookie cop on the force.

Well intentioned, by the book, and with decomposing skin that is sewn together, he is brilliantly brought to undead life by the talented Joshua Terrell.

Zachary Vaudo
(Officer Druitt)

An experienced officer, and partner to Wolf, Druitt is a pale serpentine/reptillian demon but more importantly a New Yorker Through and Through. A bit of a smartass, a bit of a hardass, there's only one artist that could bring this character to life...the great Zachary Vaudo. 

Vince Canlas

The proprietor of the self proclaimed "Best Teahouse in all of Monsterdom," Diao is a spirit who knows a little bit about everything. his teahouse is a social center of Chinatown and this crooked necked ghost (presumably from some form of hanging) tries to have his ear in every conversation. Vince Canlas lends his imagination to the character. 

Rob Pralgo
(Captain Helsing)

Captain Helsing is the head of MNYPD'S Major Case squad. A half Vampire, he is strong not only in physical prowess but also character. A seasoned veteran of the Police Force, Rob Pralgo brings style and realism to the character. 

Lindsay Van Pelt 

Xiangsheng is a mysterious character. Eyeless, Noseless, this interesting woman with only a mouth would be appealing enough...but she has a "nasty habit." Every time she speaks she tells part truth...and part lie. How will Victor tell the difference? Lindsay Van Pelt is breathtaking as this riddle of a character. 

Lily Patel

A girl made entirely out of porcelain, Zhi works at the docks in a position that might lead Victor to find out more about his Jane Doe. Lily Patel graces us with her talents in order to bring Zhi into reality. 

Cory Di Mino
(End Credits) 

We are thrilled to have the sweet dulcet tones of Cory Di Mino close out the show with each and every installment. We know that if there's any talent that'll have you coming back, it'll be his.  

Written and Created by
R.K. Brooks and Trevor Garner
Directed by
Keith Brooks, Trevor Garner, Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Produced by
Lex Lewis, TJ Garland
Executive Producers
Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Recorded at The Neighborhood Studio in
Atlanta, Georgia
Special Thanks to
Neve Campbell
As is Tradition