Episode Nine

The Eye in BTILCT Episode Nine - Bean Dip Productions/ The Neighborhood Studio
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this episode features 
the talent of
(in order of appearance) 
Shawn Wen 
(The voice of warning,  Mandarin director ) 

Shawn Wen is the sexiest part of the production. I know that it's only audio, but you can still hear how sexy he is. And I think that elevates the entire project. Don't you? 

Bob Carter
(Victor Caine,  Co-Director)

Victor Caine is the most famous police officer in all of monsterdom. A cyclops, A hell of a detective, and the protagonist of our story, Bob Carter is the voice of The Eye. 

Keith Brooks
(Announcer,  Co-Director, Co-Writer)

Keith's involved with the show in some capacity. What that Capacity is? No one really knows. We think he just shows up for the groupies. And snacks. Joke's on him. Are budget can't afford snacks and we as of yet have no groupies. Nice Try, Keith! 

Wing Liu

Penghou is a flamboyant tree who runs a delightful little tea shop in the heart of Chinatown. His friendly demeanor is a perfect match for his sweet treats, and his Fusang Tea House might be the perfect place for Victor Caine to find the answers he's looking for. 

Joseph David Nathaniel Teagle
(Corbeaux Huginn) 

The stuttering writer for the Villager, Corbeaux Huginn is an intrepid reporter who has his beak and ear to the streets of Chinatown. What secrets does he know and how can they help The Eye? 

September Day Carter
(Belle Mun)

The on the air radio personality that covers Chinatown, Belle Mun is a crow with a sweet tooth for pastries. Luckily enough for her, Victor's brought her to the best sweethouse in all of Chinatown. With him giving her snacks, what information can she provide about the case in this quid pro quo. 

Minh Dang

A foul mouthed little froggy, cop, and marine.  Diandian works at the Chinatown precinct and is currently on desk duty in the evidence lock up. He has a propensity for a wild lifestyle, for aggressive instincts, and the rough way. He's a friend of Vic's....and he's struggling with a couple of issues. 

Albert Yoo

The concierge at the sophisticated 134 building in Chinatown isn't the biggest fan of Vic and his partner of the day. They butt heads...to say the least. 

Lex Lewis 
(London Talbot)

A cop. A Badass. A Werewolf. London serves as Victor's partner for a day. An asset to the case and investigation, with his special set of skills...London might point Vic in the right direction to solve this case. 

John Tyme Tong 

The happy go lucky diner owner has never met a customer he didn't like. Always equipped with a smile and a hearty belly laugh, John brings this legendary character from Journey to The West to life brilliantly. 

Dexter Hackley

A large red educated bull who is in desperate need of help form the police department. When he happens upon London and Vic in a diner, it seems like divine happenstance. But not only will the encounter throw a wrench in Vic's investigation but also break Aatxe's heart. 

NIcole Kovacs

A young tentacle armed waitress who has recently moved to the city. She's working hard at Pigsy's Diner, but unfortunately other customers are giving her a hard time. 

Frank Saggese 

A drunken Diner Patron with see through skin. He causes some problems for Bekah, the young waitress, that is....until Vic sorts him out. 

Paul McClain
(Saxon Gray)

Saxon Gray is the hottest new author on the literary scene. His new Sensation of a book; The War of the Triads: The Return of Zhong Kui is a bestseller, but it also might have something to do with a murder.  

Steven K. Greer 
(Steven K. Greer)

What can we say about Steven K. Greer? No... seriously....what should we say here? 

Cory Di Mino
(End Credits) 

We are thrilled to have the sweet dulcet tones of Cory Di Mino close out the show with each and every installment. We know that if there's any talent that'll have you coming back, it'll be his.  

Written and Created by
R.K. Brooks and Trevor Garner
Directed by
Keith Brooks, Trevor Garner, Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Produced by
Lex Lewis, TJ Garland
Executive Producers
Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Recorded at The Neighborhood Studio in
Atlanta, Georgia
Special Thanks to
Neve Campbell
As is Tradition