Episode Eleven

The Eye in BTILCT Episode Eleven - Bean Dip Productions and The Neighborhood Studio
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this episode features 
the talent of
(in order of appearance) 
Shawn Wen 
(The voice of warning,  Mandarin director , Hundun) 

The engine that keeps this whole thing afloat is an easy way to describe Shawn. But He's much more, and in this episode...he shows that. As the terrifying Hundun, leader of four mysterious masked creatures...he proves he can be dangerous and terrifying. 

Bob Carter
(Victor Caine,  Co-Director)

Victor Caine is the most famous police officer in all of monsterdom. A cyclops, A hell of a detective, and the protagonist of our story, Bob Carter is the voice of The Eye. 

Keith Brooks
(Announcer, Co-Director, Co-Writer)

Keith Doesn't have many friends. So....we let him hang out with us. He eats all of our snacks though....


Chief of the Chinatown Fire Department, Sandberg and Victor go way back. Sandberg is someone that Vic can trust to get to the bottom of whatever's happening here. Kurt is a brilliant actor who brings each one of his characters in the series to life with nuance and skill. 

(Chief Sha Wu Jia Sandberg)
Kurt Yue
Kellen Boyle
(Lt. Frank Leavy)

A hard working firefighter who knows how to handle and take charge of the scene. An investigator in his own right, but will he and Vic come to the same conclusion? 

David Haddad

There is literally no one else who could bring this slimy clam monster to life the way that David Haddad can. Not only is David a Director, a marvelous actor, and a fantastic storyteller, but he also knows magic tricks. Not even kidding you. Has nothing to do with the podcast, but you should know...he's got magic tricks up them sleves.   

John Tyme Tong 

 Changbi is a long armed, long haired, pale Cantonese monster that is within the inner circle of the Triads.  Hilarious in Cantonese and scary in any language. 

Trisha Nguyen Owen 
(Baigujing, Ba)

The Skelton bride of the monkey king is brought to life by the amazing Trisha Owen. Seductive, unstable, and alluring...this skinless beauty is a dangerous one. In addition to the vile villainess, Trisha also brings to life Ba, the stoic sister of Xiangsheng that undoubtedly has keys to solving this case.  

Trevor Garner
(Neibolt, Co-Writer, Co-Director)

Imagine a crack addict who is covered in bandages, speaks in a strange syntax, and is desperate to get their fix. That's Trevor. He also plays something in the show. 

Davis Nelson
(Silhai Longwang)

A ferocious dragon the size of a city park, beautifully embodied by the powerful voice of Davis Nelson. But Silhai is more than meets the eye, and that will all be revealed when he meets The Eye. 

Ken Bell 
(the Jade Butler)

Calm, Collected, Well dressed, and made of green rock. The Jade Butler is the organization behind the silk road. He helps to keep things in a functioning order. At least, when he can....

Lex Lewis 
(Terra Cotta Soldiers)

Lex plays a lot of parts in this series. Half of them are in this episode. In one single scene to be honest. Lex is the back ground, the mighty workers made of Earth. 

Mark Ashworth
(The Dead Pirate Roberts)

The legendary Mark Ashworth brings this drunken pirate zombie to life with humor, vivaciousness, and a bunch of slang we Yanks don't understand. But we're happy to have him on board. 

Imoto Harney
(The Child Emperor)

Youth and power are two qualities not often associated with one another. But like her character, the youthful Imoto Harney is a powerhouse. Imoto is one of Bean Dip's oldest friends, and a legend in the Atlanta Film Community. We are honored to have her as a part of the team.  

Lindsay Van Pelt 

Xiangsheng is a mysterious character. Eyeless, Noseless, this interesting woman with only a mouth would be appealing enough...but she has a "nasty habit." Every time she speaks she tells part truth...and part lie. How will Victor tell the difference? Lindsay Van Pelt is breathtaking as this riddle of a character. 

Vince Canlas

The proprietor of the self proclaimed "Best Teahouse in all of Monsterdom," Diao is a spirit who knows a little bit about everything. his teahouse is a social center of Chinatown and this crooked necked ghost (presumably from some form of hanging) tries to have his ear in every conversation. Vince Canlas lends his imagination to the character. 

Frances Chang
(Meng Po)

The youthful and effervescent Frances Chang brings the ancient Meng Po to life. The keeper of Panlong, the company that runs the docks, Po is a mysterious woman who has an interesting story to tell. Frances plays her to a ...tea. 

Albert Yoo
(Tao Wu)

Another member of the masked collective that is looming dangerously in Chinatown. What are they after? 

Thomas Trinh
(Tao Tie)

A mysterious figure, masked and dangerous. 

What has brought these mysterious fiends to Chinatown? 

Marilyn Chung
(Qiong Qi)

These masked figures seem to lurk around every corner. Are they here to help Victor, or hinder him? 

Cory Di Mino
(End Credits) 

We are thrilled to have the sweet dulcet tones of Cory Di Mino close out the show with each and every installment. We know that if there's any talent that'll have you coming back, it'll be his.  

Written and Created by
R.K. Brooks and Trevor Garner
Directed by
Keith Brooks, Trevor Garner, Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Produced by
Lex Lewis, TJ Garland
Executive Producers
Bob Carter, Shawn Wen
Recorded at The Neighborhood Studio in
Atlanta, Georgia
Special Thanks to
Neve Campbell
As is Tradition