A new episode! New Turns! New Depths to the mystery!

Who knows where it all will lead? Do You? 


Don't be a fool! Dive back in to the case, with the release of Episode Eleven!!!!


August brings with it a flurry of emotions.  Summer is in full swing but almost over, soon fall will be upon us, back to school, back to work, and back to the case as Victor gets to the grind in our tenth episode! 


Summer is well upon us, we've celebrated independence, and we're gearing up for the kids to go back to school. Life is good. But let's not forget there's a murder that needs to be solved. Detective Victor Caine is back on the case with Episode Nine! 


We're halfway to the answers to all of the mystery! As you enjoy your summer weather, take a listen to what's happening in Monster New York!!! 


Spring is here. What better way to celebrate than with a bunch of monsters?! Episode Seven is live!! 


Justin Timberlake was right, it's gonna be MAY Afterall! 

April showers may bring may flowers, but the only thing blossoming for Victor is more trouble and more mystery.


Happy Friday the 13th!

If you can't go camping and have premarital sex, you might as well listen to our creepy new episode! it's live now! 


The fourth Episode has risen!!! 

We delve deeper into Chinatown and the world of Monsterdom as we meet the mogwai, Meng Po, The Daughter of Fu Manchu, The Triads, and Sun Wukong....The Monkey King!! 

Victor finds himself deep in the depths of the case and it seems like everyone  around him is volatile in some capacity.  How will he make it to the bottom of this? 


The third episode is here!!! 

With it's arrival we are introduced to a whole litany of new characters and interesting personalities! Those include Susanoo (head of the yakuza), Xiangtian (Headless Diner owner), and Xianzai Wang (the king of the vampires who might be after Victor's head).

As we delve deeper into the world of Monster New York, we hope you enjoy the show and take a second to see everything that the website has to offer. 


The second episode of our sprawling radio drama has arrived! 

We are excited to present to you the next chapter in Victor Caine's journey. And in this Episode you'll be introduced to the legendary and potentially nefarious Dr. Fu Manchu. How does he fit into the mystery?

You'll have to listen to find out. 


Happy Chinese New Year!!! 

The first episode is up to help celebrate this wondrous holiday and we hope you enjoy it. 

Search around the website, give the episode a listen, tell your friends about it.